Various Tools & Utilities

Landing spot for various tools and utilities I created that either solve an actual problem or more likely was just something I created while researching, learning, or investigating some topic or area.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
A No-frills page born from wanting to generate the entire payment schedule for a loan, and produce details that matched up with the statements I get from my bank.

Generate Calendar
I used to get those handy little small calendars from places like Les Schwab.

I whipped this page together to generate a year in the format I like the most. I then use a paper cutter to cut them out and then staple them to some thicker cardboard, so I end up with the current year including the holidays highlighted accurately.

Supports "year" and "horizontal" URL params.

GenerateCalendar.html?year=2020 ...generates for year 2020, 4 rows x 3 columns.
GenerateCalendar.html?year=2021&horizontal ...generates for year 2021, 3 rows of 4 columns